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About Us

Family spirit and professional organization

Think about how you feel when you intercom and when asked “Who is it?” you can answer “Me.”

When the day of your birthday comes and you already know whose first message is going to be at one minute past midnight.

When you are broken down on the highway and you dial that number from memory, the number you are certain will answer.

Here, we aim to be exactly that feeling.

The feeling of home, of friendship, of relief that resonates in the phrase “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

And do you know why?

Because it is one thing to sell security, quite another to be a security.

The difference is big and yet lies in a small word: time.

In our case 15 years

15 years is the time that has made us a solid, up-to-date and competent staff in consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises.

15 are the years we have been working elbow to elbow, always us, always the same, always together.

15 years from which Alexander’s voice recalls customer by customer, month by month, appointments and important dates. And Gaia’s voice answers the phone ready to solve any problem as if it were her own.

15 years that allowed Engineer Sgardello to become simply “Luca” to his clients and Stephen, CEO and Founder, to remember by heart the medical examination deadlines of all employees of Saltech’s clients.